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Application for a residence permit

Forms for residence permit applications can be obtained from the following sources:

Providing authorisation
If the applicant cannot deal directly with the Directorate of Immigration, s/he must grant another individual who is resident in Iceland the authorisation to:

  • Follow along with the processing of the application for a residence permit/visa by the Directorate of Immigration
  • Receive documents from the Directorate of Immigration
  • Appeal to the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs any decision by the Directorate of Immigration to deny the issuance of a residence permit/visa.

The individual who has authorisation from the applicant is that person's agent.

What the agent is permitted to do and what the purpose of the authorisation is shall be clearly defined in the authorisation.

When an individual grants another her/his authorisation, s/he is required to confirm the statement of authorisation by signing it, with her/his full name and date of birth, and the signature shall be witnessed by two individuals, with their signatures and the date of signing.

The full name of the agent, her/his Icelandic identification number, telephone number, address, and email address must be mentioned in the statement of authorisation.

Residence permit categories
The application for a residence permit must be in accord with the purpose of a foreigner’s stay here in Iceland.

A Residence permit without a work permit
B Residence permit and work permit
C Residence permit and limited work permit
D Non-renewable residence permit and work permit
E Residence permit for family members, according to Section 13 of the Act on Foreigners
F Residence permit for students
G Au-pair permit
H Residence permit on humanitarian grounds, according to the second paragraph of Section 11 of the Act on Foreigners
J Residence permit for citizens of EFTA or EEA member countries
K Permanent residence permit

The residence permits which may count as a basis for permanent residence permits (K permits) are as follows: B permits, E permits, H permits, and J permits.

If a child/children younger than 18 years of age accompanies the applicant, a special application form must be filled out for each child, i.e. to obtain an E permit. A parent/guardian must sign the application on behalf of the child.

Application for a child for a residence permit.
Various factors need to be considered when applying for a residence permit for a child, spouse, or other family member.

A parent/guardian may apply for a residence permit for her/his child younger than 18 years of age after the child has arrived in Iceland. Applications for residence permits for children are subject to similar regulations to those in effect for adults.

  • The following documentation must be submitted with the application:
  • A completed application form for a residence permit, signed by the parent/guardian.
  • One passport-size photo, 35mm x 45mm.
  • A photocopy of the child’s passport. The passport must be valid at least three months beyond the time to be covered by the residence permit.
  • Medical insurance: If the parent/guardian has resided in and has had a legal domicile in Iceland for over 6 months and is thereby covered under the National Health Insurance plan, the child will not need any separate medical insurance. If however the child (under the age of 16) comes to Iceland at the same time as the parent/guardian, separate medical insurance is required for the child.
  • Housing certificate: The parent/guardian must prove that s/he has obtained secure housing during the period through which the child’s residence permit will extend.
  • Birth certificate: A certified original of the child’s birth certificate.
    Custody documentation/divorce papers/death certificate. Certified originals of the applicable official documents must accompany the application for a residence permit, to prove official custody of the child.
  • If the parents share joint custody, a notarised statement from the parent not residing in Iceland must also be submitted, stating that said parent agrees to the child’s residing in Iceland.

Residence permit for a spouse or other family member.
Upon fulfilling certain conditions, the following people may apply for a residence permit for a spouse or closest family member:

  • One of the closest family members of an Icelandic citizen
  • A citizen of another Nordic country residing in Iceland
  • A foreigner who is staying legally in Iceland under a residence permit that is limited to a time period but not subject to other limitations, or who has a permanent residence permit

Closest family members are the following:

  • A spouse, partner in cohabitation or registered partner older than 24 years of age
  • Descendants who are younger than 18 years of age and supported by the person involved
  • A spouse or parents, as well as their parents who are older than 66 years of age and are supported by them.