AFL starfsgreinafélag

Registration of residence

Anyone aged 18 years or older who comes to Iceland to live or work for longer than three months must, within seven days of her/his arrival in Iceland, report the new place of residence to the office of the municipality in which s/he lives.

  • It is also possible to report changes of residence to the Þjóðskrá (National Registry) in Reykjavík, or to area police commissioner offices or police stations throughout the country.
  • Children younger than 18 years of age must be reported by their parents or guardians.
  • Citizens of Scandinavian countries are required to report to the area police commissioner, the office of the municipal authorities, or the National Registry, which is in Reykjavík. It is necessary to bring identification.
  • Other citizens are required to fill out a form called "Notification of change of address in Iceland".
  • This form is available at the offices of the community authorities or on the website of the National Registry. Notification of change of address (pdf, 26 kb)
  • Although the form can be filled out on the Internet, it is necessary to print a copy and sign it. The signed paper copy must then be sent by fax or by mail to the following address:

Þjóðskrá (National Registry)
Borgartún 24
150 Reykjavík
Fax: (+354) 569-2949

  • The form is available in English and Icelandic.
  • All of the individuals who move together from one residence to another must be listed on the form. Enter the names of the countries for the previous and for the new address in the blanks marked "Municipality", writing first the name of the municipality and then the name of the country it is in.
  • When moving between places within Iceland, the change of residence must be reported within the first seven days afterwards.
    Residence is not the same as domicile. One’s residence might be anywhere